About us

Our CEO, Dr. Maria C. Bruce, is a peak performance expert that works with artists, olympic and professional athletes, media personalities, startup founders, and C-Suite executives of all industries. 

Optimalist’s data-driven stress management tools developed from her background in medicine, psychology, and technology applied to health sciences. 

Dr. Bruce is also an emotional health expert contributor of popular publications including Forbes, Vogue, and Vice.

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Optimalist was select FINALIST at the Latinas in Tech Startup Competition

Optimalist joined Verbodën at Luxury Meets Cannabis 2022.

Optimalist joined Verbodën for Mother’s Day celebrations at Makeda, Soho, NYC.

Optimalist joined Verbodën for a High Tea Party celebration at Makeda, Soho, NYC.

Optimalist was select to join FoundersBoost‘s Spring Cohort 2022